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Welcome to my blog. Call me Tina or Bo, but if you have another name or nickname you'd rather use, feel free. Goes by female and neutral pronouns.

I'm a incoming student at California College of the Arts studying animation. It's my goal to eventually transfer into CalArts.


The American Hogwarts Houses


The American Hogwarts Houses



we’re being faced with a serious issue.

there is only 1 sarcasm left

now we’ve got to use it wisely. please, for the love of god, think before you speak. it’s gotta be good.

yeah okay, i’ll be sure to do that

the beginning of every harvest moon game:
you: *uses watering can once* *passes out*

I admit to reblogging things sometimes before I am 100% sure but I check sources if provided. Sometimes revisions happen, this is natural. So apologies if I have ever reblogged inaccurate information. I always try to revise if such a revision comes. Just thought I would say that.


For those of you who don’t like to click links, a post Scott Cawthon made in regards to his game The Desolate Hope. He made this comment in Nov. of 2010, so this was 4 years before Five Nights At Freddy’s ever got attention.

DO. NOT. PIRATE HIS GAME. He is a Christian and has made Christian themed movies and games, but I think it’s pretty clear he’s not anti-choice and I’d wager a guess he’s not actually affiliated with Hope Animation (who wrote the article on The Desolate Hope with an anti-choice interpretation).


hello hi i made the anti choice five nights at freddys post. it currently has over five THOUSAND notes. I was wrong about the desolate hope. here’s a link with a statement from the creator

i never saw this article, but if i knew the post would have gotten this many notes, i…


How freaking much of a coincidence is this????



I’m about to cry. My 60 year old mother watched a netflix documentary and only just now found out she’s asexual. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring up this idea to her for years. I am so glad to hear her, she’s so happy and saying “there really is nothing wrong with me!” I didn’t realize it wore on her like that. God bless the internet.


why not heterosexual UNawareness month

pretend heterosexuals don’t exist for the WHOLE month